Windy Prairie Farms

Oct 24, 2023

Keith Clute, a 4th generation Midwest farmer, tilling the soil that his family has worked for nearly 120 years. West Central Indiana has some of the most fertile soil in the country, but most of it is consumed by large conventional grain operations. Seeing a new direction in agriculture, Keith began transitioning Windy Prairie Farm to a more sustainable fresh vegetable operation.

Keith began growing four acres of onions, peas, potatoes, greens, peppers and other vegetables utilizing crop rotation and sustainable practices. In 2015, he built a state of the art wet processing facility on the farm to allow for processing of lettuce, peppers, and other vegetables requiring washing. In 2016, this facility and the farm earned Harmonized GAP certification.  2017 brought many changes in the operation.  Keith’s middle son Kevin Clute joined in the farming operation.  He has brought his skills attained from 5 years in the Navy along with a BS in Plant Genetics.  The farm also gained Primus Labs third party food safety certification, with certifications in Packing House, Ranch, and Harvest Crew.  We are now certified in lettuce, Cabbage, Onions, radish, and Peppers.  We have continued to expand to a full 80 acres of production.


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