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Jan 12, 2022 | Featured, News

Total Seed Production

Greenhouse Naming Rights

TIPTON, Ind., January 11, 2022 – Local seed company, Total Seed Production, has secured the naming rights to a new greenhouse being built by the Tipton Community School Corporation. The greenhouse, which is expected to be built by summer 2022, will be named the Total Seed Production Greenhouse. This partnership between Total Seed Production and TCSC is an investment into the future of agriculture in Tipton County. The greenhouse is set to be the focal point of the school’s Ag program and the Tipton Chapter of the FFA.

Over the last 18 months, the TCSC School Board, the TCSC Ag teachers, and the Friends of Tipton FFA have been hard at work to organize the construction of this greenhouse. This project is finally coming to fruition thanks to the work of all of these groups and many donors; including the donation towards naming rights by Total Seed Production. “We are excited to see such a great investment into our school’s Ag program come together. This is the boost we need to make our FFA and Ag courses the absolute best in the state,” commented Total Seed Production President, Aaron Conaway.

Total Seed Production has a deep connection to this project and what it will mean for the K-12 students who will be utilizing this new facility. “Our new greenhouse will serve as a year-round classroom providing virtually limitless teaching and learning opportunities,” stated TCSC Superintendent, Dr. Ryan Glaze. Total Seed Production Vice President, Ryan Campbell, added, “I grew up in FFA, I know the impact it can have on students. Even now, as a professional in the Ag Field, I reflect on many of the lessons from Ag classes and find value in them. So, we were very excited for the opportunity to give back to a part of our community that has given so much to us.”

The Total Seed Production Greenhouse will be accessible to all K-12th graders in the Tipton Community School Corporation for classes and extracurricular activities. “This is a way for students to get a full-cycle, hands-on experience on what it takes to grow something. They will be able to see so much more of what it means to be a part of the Ag Field. I am so thankful and proud of the school’s leadership from Dr. Glaze to the TCSC School Board to see this project through to raise the level of our Ag programs,” added Conaway.

About Total Seed Production

Total Seed Production Inc. is family-owned and operated by 4th generation seedsmen, and is one of the largest vertically integrated seed corn and soybean seed producers in the United States with more than 70 employees. The company is known for its 4 Pillars of Operation: Seed Corn Production, Soybean Seed Production, Farming, and Warehousing & Distribution. The home office and production facility are located in central Indiana and services retail brands throughout the entire USA, Canada, and Mexico.

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