Carmel-Based Spicekick Meal Spice Kits Become Indiana Grown Certified

Apr 4, 2022 | Featured, Local Producers, News, Products

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Spicekick has officially become Indiana Grown Certified. Created by Michelle Dudash, RDN, Spicekick is your sidekick in the kitchen, making mealtime quick, nutritious, and streamlined. Dudash launched Spicekick two years ago under the name Dash Dinners, at the Carmel Farmers Market and Market Wagon with four core flavors. These two venues served as the perfect platforms for consumer research and gaining proof of concept. As of December 2021, Spicekick relaunched as the new name, after a successful trademark was granted and with gorgeous new packaging design with the help of Indianapolis-based Matinee Creative.

Spicekick and Michelle Dudash on Life.Style.Live! on WISH-TV, with co-host Randall Newsome.

How Spicekick works

Follow the package directions, by adding a protein, vegetable, and the entire packet of Spicekick. Within 20 minutes, you get a perfectly seasoned meal. Spicekick is gluten-free and contains no added sugar, fillers, or preservatives. It’s made with the ingredients you’d use in your own home kitchen, but without having to pull out 12 ingredients, measure, and prep them.

How Dudash came up with the idea

The idea for Spicekick came to Dudash while she was cooking dinner one night for her family with a familiar taco packet that her eight-year-old liked. But as a registered dietitian and Cordon Bleu-certified chef, she new there had to be a better way to make a seasoning that was more in line with her philosophy, made with wholesome ingredients. So she went to work in her kitchen and created the first flavor, Taco. She cooked it and handed it to two friends, explained how it worked, and they said, “I’d buy that.” Within weeks she made a test batch and handed it out to twenty more friends. Within a month, she had her MVP (Minimally Viable Product) and three more flavors to launch with at the farmers market in 2019. Currently she has nine flavors, including  Tuna Salad, Sloppy Joe, Marinara, and Stir-Fry Lettuce Wraps.

Michelle Dudash with Spicekick at Natural Food Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA

Dudash’s background

While Spicekick is new, Dudash is certainly not new to the food industry, however, starting out working in restaurants from age 14-26 in a country club in Wisconsin, a Mobil five-star restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ, and as a private chef for a real estate developer in Paradise Valley, AZ. In her mid twenties, Dudash founded her culinary and nutrition consulting firm and began working in the media world in television, print, and online, while also servicing international food brands in the wellness space as a media dietitian and creating recipes for consumers. She has written two cookbooks, the top-selling Clean Eating for Busy Families, revised & expanded and her newest The Low-Carb Mediterranean Cookbook (July 2021), which was featured recently by CNN. While writing an ongoing 5-ingredient recipe column for Food Network, she realized how much consumers loved super easy recipes that were still healthy.

Spicekick is available in the Indianapolis area at these fine stores:

Joe’s Butcher Shop, Turchetti’s Delicatessen, Goose the Market, Grapevine Cottage, and very soon to Kincaid’s Indianapolis and Georgetown Market.

Online, you can order at and ship to anywhere, and it is available across the Midwest through Market Wagon, an online farmers market.

Dudash’s next goal is to get Spicekick into natural food store chains around Indianapolis to make it even more widely available to shoppers and home cooks.

You can contact Dudash through her website and also join her online community on Instagram and Facebook.


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