The Lotion Company

Oct 26, 2023

The Lotion Company is a father and daughter small batch skincare company. They handcraft all their skincare products in small-sized kettles with high personal attention to ensure that every bottle has the perfect consistency and feel to your skin. Their product offering includes the full body moisturizer (13+ fragrances), therapeutic hand cream, sugar scrub exfoliating body wash & more! They are so proud to be a family-owned business and 100% Made in the USA – right here in Muncie, Indiana. Their skincare products are handcrafted with high quality ingredients that are paraben & petroleum free, your skin will feel the difference! They also do contract manufacturing work for products within the show animal business. They would love to help heal your skincare needs!

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  1. The Lotion Company” sounds like the VIP of skincare! Imagine a world where every lotion is a superstar—moisturizing like a boss, keeping skin happy and hydrated. It’s like a luxurious spa day for your skin every time you apply. Here’s to soft, pampered vibes brought to you by The Lotion Company!


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