Sander’s Processing and Family Meat Market

Nov 13, 2023

Sander Processing is a local business that was built and founded in Celestine, Indiana. They are a butcher shop where customers can bring in their livestock and they will butcher and process the meat to the specifications of the customer. Jim Sander started this business in his own backyard in the year of 1984.
They decided to open their new processing plant in Celestine, IN in the 2000s. The business still runs and operates in the same building to this very day in the middle of small-town Celestine, Indiana.
In 2020, the business grew exponentially more. This led to the opening of their newest location Sander Family Meat Market in St. Anthony. This new location allows them to keep providing their services to bigger customers such as Fischer Farms, as well as being able to help them support local farmers and small customers at their Celestine location.


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