RDM Shrimp

Oct 11, 2022

RDM Shrimp

RDM Shrimp

A husband and wife team is changing how we think about access to fresh saltwater seafood here in the Midwest.

Fresh Shrimp in Indiana?

So, it is possible to get fresh shrimp in the middle of Indiana? Yep! RDM Shrimp is an indoor saltwater shrimp farm located in Fowler. Founded in 2010, RDM Shrimp is a pioneer in the state’s growing aquaculture industry. In fact, they even offer guidance for other prospective shrimp farmers.

A Delicate Balance

Owners Darryl and Karlanea maintain a delicate environment without the use of antibiotics or hormones – a task that keeps them busy but helps keep the shrimp healthy. They say the ecosystem created by their indoor system replicates the shrimps’ natural environment without the negative aspects, like pollution.

Take a Look for Yourself

If you’d like to learn more, we’ll send you directly to the experts. Visit rdmshrimp.com/tours/ to schedule a tour of this unique farm operation.

About Indiana Grown
The Indiana Grown initiative aims to not only form a clearer designation of which products truly come from Indiana, but to also help Hoosier consumers easily identify and buy these products. We truly believe everyone has a chance to share in the success of the initiative; whether it’s a large or small operation, high-tech or low-tech, traditional or non-traditional.


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