Purple Shamrock Farm

Feb 18, 2022

Purple Shamrock Farm

Purple Shamrock Farm

The dogs at Purple Shamrock Farm live the best life, considering it is where I.P.A. Bites are made! I.PA. Bites (Incredible. Pupper. Appetizers)® are dog treats made from spent brewer’s mash, peanut butter and eggs fresh from the farm. It helps to have good friends down the road at The Seymour Brewing Company, who donate spent mash for the dog treats and chicken feed and Brewskies Downtown, who donate salad scraps (also for the chickens).

It all started with a love of chickens, dogs and beer

You can find I.P.A. Bites and eggs at the Seymour Area Farmers Market throughout the year or head to The Seymour Brewing Company, Jackson County Visitors Center and the Indiana State Museum Gift Shop to pick up treats for your pups. Stay tuned in 2022, when the farm will hopefully have its first honey harvest as well as apples, peaches, pears and persimmons!

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