Marble Hill Farm

Oct 16, 2023

Marble Hill Farm is a 150-acre farm located in southwest Monroe County that has been owned and managed by Whitney and Kip Schlegel since 1998. From its modest beginnings of just six Lowline Angus heifers, Marble Hill Farm has since grown to include over 200 animals. Among its residents are Lowline Angus cattle for beef, Shetland sheep for wool, and pasture poultry for eggs. Horses, donkeys, waterfowls, cats, and dogs roam Marble Hill Farm for pleasure and company.

Over the years, Marble Hill Farm has received USDA grass-fed beef certification issued in southern Indiana and has been awarded three grants from the Natural Resources and Conservation Service (NRCS) to improve soil health and forage growth, to implement a multi-species rotational grazing system, and to build a second high tunnel to extend the growing season of produce and specialty crop. The Monroe County Soil and Water Conservation District (MCSWCD) also provides expertise and funding to support land stewardship of the farm.

Marble Hill Farm proudly engages in a variety of community service partnerships throughout Monroe County to increase farm-based education and experiential learning opportunities. Inquiries about partnerships, purchasing meat or produce, and farm visits are welcome.


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