What Makes an Amazing Soap?

May 16, 2019 | Products

Amazing ingredients and a solid mission!

People often ask us what’s in One Earth Body Care soap. The answer starts with our mission, which is to nourish the body and senses and to integrate Earth care into Body care by providing personal care products made with responsibly sourced ingredients and packaging.

High-quality oils are the foundation of our moisturizing, gently cleansing soap bars, and we believe those oils should be conflict-free. That’s why we use Fair-Trade certified organic coconut oil as our base and avoid oils that are known to cause extensive deforestation, such as palm oil and industrial animal tallow.

Our aromas are created by essential oils rather than fragrance oils (we have an unscented option too). Our soap colors and textures come from plant pigments and exfoliants rather than mined micas and plastic microbeads. Click here to see our selection of Earth-friendly, skin-nourishing soaps! We donate at least 1% of every purchase to nonprofits working to conserve and restore ecosystems.

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