Welcome from Hunt Family Farms

Oct 8, 2015 | Local Producers

We are very excited to be a part of Indiana Grown! We feel this is an excellent way to introduce small, family owned farms to the general public in places that would otherwise be out of our reach. To give a short background, Hunt Family Farms was homesteaded in 1848 and has remained in our family since. The original house and barns are still in use today. We feel that farming is more than a job. It is in our blood. We take great pride in using the word “Family” in our farm name. We are not a business…our farm is much more than that. It is three generations working together to raise products we are proud of. It represents countless hours spent at night, on holidays, and when it’s 10 below zero outside to give our animals and crops the best possible growing environment. We have no employees on our farm. Grandpa & Grandma (Donald & Phyllis Hunt), Dad & Mom (Jack & Kathy Hunt), and son & daughter-in-law (Nathan & Sommer Hunt) are the farmers and owners.

Our animals are raised “the old fashioned way,”meaning they have free access to the outdoors. We breed our own sows (“mom pigs”) using boars (“dad pigs”) the natural way. Our piglets are born here and are raised to market weight (240-290 lbs) on our farm. They eat the corn we grow on our land, ground up in our own hammer mill and mixed with soybean meal and sunflower/canola cake. The sunflower/canola cake is what’s leftover when the seeds are squeezed for food grade oil. This comes from our neighbors up the road, Healthy Hoosier Oil. Using their byproducts creates a renewable protein source from the leftovers and makes the oil extracting process 100% waste free. We also enjoy the fact that we can support other local farmers as well.

Our pork is butchered at This Old Farm in Colfax, IN. They, in turn, market it to restaurants and meat markets. They are USDA inspected and do an excellent job marketing our pork. They also can butcher for freezer meat, if you would like to purchase a whole or half hog for your personal freezer at home.

If you have any questions about how we raise our animals or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us via Facebook, Twitter, email, or phone. We are passionate about our farm and would love to talk to you about it!