New Website

Feb 20, 2020 | News

We are proud to announce our new website! You can catch up on our blog posts and learn about ordering freezer beef directly from us.

Brock Farms Angus Cattle is a 4th generation family farm, located 45 mins west of Indianapolis, in the town of Stilesville, Indiana. David and Kris Brock, with their children Andy and Katie, maintain a herd of 150 commercial and angus cattle focusing on raising genetically superior cattle and striving to balance phenotype and production.

Brock Farms Angus Cattle offers breeding stock, feeder calves and freezer beef. We are a unique cattle operation offering both high quality commercial cattle as well as the top angus genetics for competitive angus cattle. We are pleased to offer you anything from bulls to heifers to a really delicious steak.

We take pride in raising Angus bulls that balance calving ease with efficient growth and carcass to provide exceptional calves. We make it our priority to breed angus females that are sound, functional, and display genetic excellence in the show ring and more importantly in the pasture.

We have a progressive embryo transfer program to help accelerate our top genetics. We are also using embryos from Seldom Rest Farms and Express Ranches to raise great angus show heifers and angus show steers.

Brock Farms Angus Cattle believes in helping youth be successful with their project whether that is purchasing a heifer or steer. Andy and Katie were both 10 year 4H members and we watched all the great skills they gained in 4H and strive to help other kids learn important lessons of responsibility and hard work in achieving their goals.

Please go to our blog page to learn more about what is going on around our farm. We welcome you to stop by or call anytime!