At Ease Orchard

Dec 15, 2022

Destination, Indiana Grown

Joe Ricker began At Ease Orchard in 2018, after spending numerous years in the military. He has since planted over 230 apple trees, a mixture of dwarf and semi-dwarf trees each adding their own benefit to the farm. In addition to caring for the apple trees, Joe has an apiary on the farm. He works closely with Indiana veterans to educate them on beekeeping and other farming practices.

Indiana Grown got first-hand experience to see the process of a bee’s lifecycle, drones, tree development and more! Joe is a heavily involved with the Indiana Veterans Collation and is focused on connecting veterans with agriculture. 

He is a huge resource for anything, and everything related to veterans and AgrAbility. The care, educational aspects, and passion of the operation resonate with us at Indiana Grown. We are proud to have At Ease Orchard as a member.

At Ease Orchard – Facebook

9016 North State Rd 109
Wilkinson, IN 46186

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