The Sweetgum Spot

Apr 5, 2022

The Sweetgum Spot Air Planter

The Sweetgum Spot

Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, The Sweetgum Spot is a place of design and creation. From handmade home goods and decor to accessories, these beautiful yet functional items are intended to help you create a more sustainable household. The maker, Katie, is a full-time mom who values traditional skills as well as self-sufficient practices. Each product is crocheted from her designs and made only using her own two hands. She isn’t stingy with her expertise, though. Stay tuned for online crochet courses to help take you from step one to done!

Homesteading in the suburbs

Crochet isn’t the only skill put to use at this suburban homestead. Katie has curated a place for all things handmade, homegrown and from scratch. Follow the journey of the backyard garden that in her words is “starting to feel like a farm,” even if only on a quarter of an acre. We hope you find a bit of inspiration and a helpful resource for your own adventures in homesteading!

You may have seen The Sweetgum Spot at the Fort Wayne Farmers Market or the YLNI Farmers Market. Look for this artisan if you’re out and about in the Fort Wayne area, or you can shop patterns and finished products online!

About Indiana Grown
The Indiana Grown initiative aims to not only form a clearer designation of which products truly come from Indiana, but to also help Hoosier consumers easily identify and buy these products. We truly believe everyone has a chance to share in the success of the initiative; whether it’s a large or small operation, high-tech or low-tech, traditional or non-traditional.


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