Out of a Jam

Mar 24, 2023

Indiana Grown Member Spotlight

Out of a Jam – Fort Wayne, IN

Paula and Bernie Kaufman founded Out of a Jam in 2016 to help individuals learn job skills and earn certifications that could be used to find sustainable employment allowing them to better support themselves and their families. Initially focusing on women and at-risk youth, Out of a Jam has impacted over 200 lives. They have made and sold thousands of jars of delicious jam and launched several other initiatives to support and address food insecurities within their community. Their jam products represent their mission, starting with a few raw ingredients, but with time and effort, the final product is both sweet and full of character. In the end… It’s more than just Jam. The Kaufmans are providing life skills, education, outreach, connection, and inspiration. If you would like to learn more, donate or support head over to their website: www.outofajamfw.org/ to learn more.














About Indiana Grown
The Indiana Grown initiative aims to not only form a clearer designation of which products truly come from Indiana, but to also help Hoosier consumers easily identify and buy these products. We truly believe everyone has a chance to share in the success of the initiative; whether it’s a large or small operation, high-tech or low-tech, traditional or non-traditional.


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