September is Custom Month at Acton Creative

Sep 21, 2018 | Products

September is Custom Month at Acton Creative! Acton Creative is a Indiana-based company that celebrates weaving through handbags and homegoods. Custom projects fall into one of two categories – Custom Family Heirloom, or Dealer’s Choice. Custom Family Heirloom projects incorporate something personal from a loved one (neckties, scarves, clothing, etc.) in the woven handbags or homegoods. The Dealer’s Choice projects don’t have a personal component, but allow the client to select the color/size/materials used in the project. These make wonderful gifts for the upcoming holidays! Because of the long lead time, the deadline to put your project in the queue for the holidays is October 1. Contact Chris ([email protected]) at Acton Creative to start your custom handwoven project today!