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Nov 9, 2020 | Featured, Products

Fall has arrived and Rivet is busy filling and shipping on line orders across the nation.   FRESH GREEN COFFEE BEANS are in!   Our newest COSTA RICA RED HONEY is sure to please.  A brighter and fruitier version of its cousin, Costa Rica Yellow Honey, this coffee will be a crowd pleaser.  Look for the Costa Rica Red Honey in the coming weeks and give it a try!  Serve it alongside your Thanksgiving dinner table, also pairs well with your favorite desserts.

Rivet Coffee


Our selection of fresh, specialty coffee beans range from our signature Rivet blends for your drip machine, to our roasted to perfection single origins. We are always happy to help you figure out which bean is best for your method of brewing. In addition, we can also help regulate your water so your minerals are balanced, thus giving you the perfect cup of your favorite coffee. Reach out to us through our website with your questions at www.rivetcoffee.com. Look for December’s offering of fresh roasted goodness to give to that coffee lover in your life.