Complete this Survey to Promote Your Online Sales Business

Jun 11, 2020 | Local Producers

In an effort to connect consumers and buyers with locally grown, raised and produced foods and goods, Indiana Grown and the IU Center for Rural Engagement are launching a consumer-focused online sales map for Indiana. With the onset of COVID-19 social distancing measures, we want to ensure people can continue to purchase from your farm, market or business through your online sales channels. It is our intent that this widely shareable information continues in the future to ensure our farms, markets, food businesses and other types of businesses creating goods are thriving in Indiana.

If you have an online store or sell on an online sales platform, please complete THIS SURVEY.

The information you provide will be made public as part of an online map, marketing materials or outreach for Indiana Grown and other organizations promoting local food and goods businesses.

Please ensure the information is accurate and represents your preferred method of contact.

The map will include data on the following types of consumer-focused market channels for the home consumer as well as wholesale buyer:

  • Farms with CSA Programs
  • Food Hubs
  • On-Farm Markets
  • Farmers’ Markets

If your business is not represented in the above categories and you have an online store, please also complete the survey. The information you provide will be valuable as we compile data for our resources.

What does an online store mean? Farmers, food and goods-type businesses are very creative in how and where they sell their goods. Our hope is to capture as much of this information as possible to lower barriers for consumers to purchase local. Online stores tend to be located on your business website, through social media, through a third party like Amazon or through regional distributors like Piazza, Market Wagon, Hoosier Harvest Market, etc. We hope to promote these e-commerce options as well as in-person options to the consumer so they can find your products beyond traditional retail locations.

Thank you for taking the time to help us promote your business. Please contact Indiana Grown Program Director Heather Tallman with questions at [email protected] or 317-697-5863.