Newfangled Confections Acquires The Best Chocolate In Town

Feb 25, 2020 | News

While The Best Chocolate in Town‘s Mass Ave. doors officially closed on February 23rd, it’s not the last you’ll see of their delicious chocolates! Newfangled Confections will be taking them into their family, which is best known for their signature candy, Frittle.

Newfangled Confections owner, Carrie Abbott, has a long-standing relationship with Elizabeth Garber, owner of The Best Chocolate in Town, and even interned for her over 10 years ago after meeting through the pastry-arts program at Ivy Tech. Since then, Abbott has continued to grow the Frittle brand and expanded her confection offerings with different flavors and new products.

Newfangled Confections Frittle

Garber felt Abbott embodies her motto of “hand made, heart felt” making her the perfect person to carry on the chocolate business, which she founded 21 years ago in Edinburgh, IN.  Newfangled Confections has officially acquired The Best Chocolate in Town and their production will be moved to their downtown Indianapolis facility.

Garber will work with Abbott and her team throughout the transition, and Newfangled Confections will take on The Best Chocolate in Town’s wholesale clients while expanding their products into their already established network of retail locations nationwide. Consumers will also continue seeing The Best Chocolate in Town’s classic treats at stores around Indianapolis like Homespun, A Taste of Indiana, Tasteful Times, and Silver in the City’s Carmel location.

Congratulations to these two Indiana Grown members on this exciting new chapter!