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3 Caps Mushrooms

Address: 773 Sherfield Rd Spencer, Indiana 47460


Categories: Produce

Product Categories: Mushrooms

We supply colonized mushroom substrate blocks to growers who want to build their businesses without having to make large equipment investments. We produce the top commercial strains efficiently so that we can support the development of profitable mushroom farming operations. Because of our location near Indianapolis in Spencer, Indiana, we can ship especially cost-effectively to Midwest locations.

Are you a farmer looking for a new year-round cash crop or an entrepreneur with a green thumb? Whether you are looking for a high margin crop to supplement your current income or are interested in a new full time business venture, 3 Caps can help you.
We specialize in helping others get started in the growing and selling of shiitake and oyster mushrooms, which are hot selling gourmet mushrooms at grocery stores, farmers markets and restaurants all over the country. These gourmet mushrooms are becoming increasingly popular with chefs and foodies and are really taking off in the Midwest. This means easy sales and attractive profit margins for growers capable of consistent supply.

3 Caps has deep mycological expertise and has invested heavily in mixing, bagging, sterilization, and inoculation equipment so you don’t have to. By starting with 3 Caps’ colonized substrate blocks, you can focus on the growing and selling of gourmet mushrooms to local grocery stores, restaurants and farmers markets without a big upfront investment.