Look for Indiana Grown

Apr 13, 2021 | Featured

We encourage Indiana Grown members to use our logo on their products so they can be easily identified as packaged, raised or processed in Indiana. Support fellow Hoosiers and look for our logo. You may be surprised to learn that Indiana Grown products are available near you!


These days, you can find locally sourced food almost anywhere in Indiana, even in school and hospital cafeterias. If you’re leaning into eating locally, our advice is to start by looking for familiar names on restaurant menus, checking the aisles at your grocery store and visiting farmers markets. You can also learn where to buy Indiana Grown meat and eggs on our protein guide or honey and syrup on our natural sugars guide.


The next time you grab your favorite bottle of Indiana Grown wine, beer, or cider, we invite you to consider the story behind it. Indiana growers are responsible for grains, hops, grapes, apples and more that go into the tasty beverages we love. The industries providing these ingredients also support the state’s economy. According to a 2018 study from The Indiana Wine Grape Council, the total economic impact of Indiana’s wine grape industry was $600 million! Support Indiana and remember that it is possible to get vine to glass, grain to tap or orchard to mug right here in Indiana.


As the weather warms up, start planning a trip to your local nursery or greenhouse. You’ll meet knowledgeable horticulturalists offering wide selections of plants and seeds. Whether you’re in the market to fill your window sills with house plants or your outdoor beds with flowers, you can support local growers in the process. If you need help finding a horticulturalist in your county, take a look at our guide.


Now that you know to look for our logo, we encourage you to shop for Indiana Grown! We covered beverages, food and plants, but are you familiar with value-added products? Value-added products have been altered or enhanced during production, so the value is greater. Here are just a few examples:

– Strawberries made into a jam

– Wood carved into a bowl

– Goat milk crafted into soap

– Yarn knitted into a scarf

You may also notice Indiana Grown signage at a store or market. Retailers and markets that sell our members’ products are important partners to the Indiana Grown initiative. By shopping locally, you are supporting the business and its employees, as well as the artisan or producer supplying the product!