Indiana’s Newest Mushroom Inoculation Laboratory

Dec 3, 2020 | News

American Mushroom & Spice Co. is happy to announce that we have completed our new specialized clean-room inoculation laboratory! We are in the process of verification and quality testing fruit blocks and any cultures produced in our new laboratory.

Our new clean-room inoculation laboratory was the next step, and it follows our mushroom fruit block “auto bagger” system go-live in July of 2020. We are now able to produce hundreds of mushroom fruit blocks on-site each week within extreme quality tolerances, unmatched almost anywhere in the Midwest US.

Producing exceptional quality mushroom fruit blocks requires a super clean area where mushroom cultures are handled, and where selected cultures are introduced into the growing media. Tiny and invisible particles fill every inch of air we breathe, and these particulate matter (PMs) particles must be removed from the air, so they don’t take up residence in the mushroom’s growing media and contaminate them.

Our new laboratory is a positive pressure clean-room, that scrubs the air about 100 times or more every hour. The lab contains a 7 foot wide laminar flow hood, and enough space to process around 200 blocks blocks in a single run.

American Mushroom & Spice Co. are proud members of Homegrown by Heroes.

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