Indiana Grown has Landed at the Indianapolis International Airport

Mar 27, 2019 | News

Indiana Grown is currently gathering information from Indiana-based farmers, producers and processors for a joint venture with SSP America and the Indianapolis International Airport. The launch date of this project has not been announced.

SSP America and Indiana Grown are opening a mixed-use retail dining destination within the Indianapolis International Airport in Concourse B. Created in partnership with Indiana Grown, SSP America’s The Farmers’ Market: featuring Indiana Grown, showcases Indiana’s beautifully rich culinary landscape, agricultural heritage and the region’s multiple artisans. With menus created by Indy’s very own James Beard Award Semifinalist, Chef Greg Hardesty, The Farmers’ Market: featuring Indiana Grown will not only provide a culinary experience IN the airport but will also allow travelers to take a little bit of Indiana with them when they go.

If you are interested in learning more about this upcoming project and how your products can be included in a procurement guide for SSP- please fill out the survey below. At this time we are looking for food and beverages only. There will be a follow up survey for other products or services if requested by SSP America.

Register your interest here:

Note: participation in the survey does not guarantee inclusion in this project or future sales. Indiana Grown is gathering this information for SSP America and SSP America will decide what they would like to place in the retail store and on the rotating, seasonal menu. Indiana Grown can not be held liable for the selections made by SSP America. Indiana Grown does not have influence over which items are selected for this project. This project is open to anyone who is packaging, raising, processing or growing a food or beverage in the state of Indiana that is not a home-based vendor and has the proper food safety protocols in place that SSP America requires.

Please direct all inquiries related to this project to:

Heather Tallman
Indiana Grown

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