Indiana Grown Game Day Snack: Bacon Dip & Chips

Jan 30, 2018 | Appetizers, Recipes

This Indiana Grown appetizer will score you points with your Super Bowl guests!



1 lb. of Tulip Tree Creamery Fromage frais
16 ounces of cream cheese – softened
1/2 lb. Fair Oaks Cheddar – shredded
Sea salt, to taste
6 green onions – chopped
1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
2 lbs. bacon – cooked and chopped
1 cup sour cream

Optional garnish:

Green onion


Mix the frais, softened cream cheese, shredded cheese, half of the green onions, salt, Worcestershire, and a quarter cup of bacon until well blended. Form the mixture into a ball, then shape the ball into an oval. Cover the “football” with the remaining bacon until coated. Sprinkle remaining green onion around the football. Using a piping bag, outline the “football” with sour cream to create the stitching. Enjoy your game day dip with some pita chips!