Get Fresh Farms – Locally Minded Aquaponics

Jun 21, 2016 | Aquaponics


Get Fresh Farms is a 22,000 gallon aquaponics farm that supplies local restaurants, farmers markets, and caterers.  At Get Fresh Farms we have developed a sustainable model, mimicking natural processes to sustain a living and healthy food ecosystem. Our commitment to harvesting high quality food is second only to our environmental impact. We utilize a hybrid system that allows us to capture 100% of our waste water. This sets us apart from most aquaponics farms who often rely on dumping water. We learn from our system daily and are constantly striving to expand its capabilities.

One feature that sets us apart from other producers is that we focus on making sure our food stays local. We work with local businesses and support markets to ensure we empower our community to increase food sustainability. We even offer retail locations for our produce to be purchased at market cost! Working with a smaller footprint than most farms, we utilize our space by growing a wide variety of crops. Be it watermelon radishes for a tasty snack or rainbow chard for fine dining, we do it all.

Produce isn’t the only thing we grow! We have two skilled biologists that focus on keeping our fish healthy and happy. Nile tilapia are the fish of choice for our farm. We source them from only the best suppliers as fry and rear them up in our state of the art system. These fish usually take about a year to grow out and they often end up on the plates of Fort Wayne residents. J.K. O’Donnell’s and the Tin Caps are pretty fond of them as well.

For more information on us please visit: or call us at 260-399-2199