Five on Friday – Newfangled Confections

Jun 11, 2021 | Featured

Five on Friday is an Indiana Grown feature of our members that shares FIVE interesting things about their farm or business.


Get to know member Newfangled Confections as part of this week’s edition of Five on Friday!

1. Business/Farm Name

Newfangled Confections

2. Where are you located (city/town) and what county?

Indianapolis, IN
Marion County

3. What do you sell?/What does your business do?

Confections manufacturer

4. What is an interesting fact about your business?

Our signature Frittle Candy was born out of a catered dessert for a wedding back in 2011. They were flaky sheets, broken and half dipped in chocolate. Our original recipe was redesigned to be scaled and beautifully packaged.

The company’s founder, Carrie Abbott, got her culinary start in her 30’s when a friend gifted her with a “cooking class” at Ivy Tech. Over the next several years she chipped away at the evening classes while working days in hospitality and earned a pastry & baking degree.

Newfangled has had three homes. Its start was midtown Indianapolis and certified as the only operator in a borrowed kitchen of a local nonprofit. The second location was downtown Indianapolis in a charming 1,200 SF cottage style house, certified and located in the St. Joseph district. The third and current home is a certified facility downtown Indianapolis in an industrial 7,500 SF facility full of life, chocolate, candy, and the best team a person could ask for.

It wasn’t always going to be candy. The original mission was going to be gourmet (expensive, thoughtful, fresh) DOUGHNUTS. The idea of ridiculously early mornings, heavy bags of ingredients, and perishability was nerve-wracking, yet here we are with early mornings and heavy ingredients anyway! Never say never.

We are small batch for life. Candy cannot be scaled for what we call factory and still maintain quality of fresh, small batch and handmade.

5. What are your plans for 2021?

2020 v2. We purchased the company The Best Chocolate in Town in February 2020 to diversify our offerings and learn all about chocolates and it’s diva nature. We’d like to continue to be in business, take care of employees and give generously.

Learn more about Newfangled Confections by visiting their website!

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