De la Luna Farm

Sep 15, 2015 | Local Producers


I’m a farmer and dairy goats herdswomen with a great passion for food and eating. I come from a long line of people that are concerned about their food. I should clarify, my “people”  actually voiced concern about food in a more pragmatic way. They were not gluten free, GMO labling advocates or vegan locavores…. Simply put, they made events of food.

By events, I can recall great anticipation to almost any meal. Or even the next meal. My grandfather routinely inquired, while eating breakfast, (to great ire of my grandmother) ..”so, what’s for dinner”. I even believe the first case of “hangry” could be traced to my uncle Dan. I remember all events, good or bad or even awful,  had great meals involved. The weddings, anniversarys, birthdays and even funerals, you were feed; bbq, finger sandwiches, home style danishes, hardy stews and sublime desserts. Food=family events.

I hope in some small way to honor this tradition …Caroline Rosa Kesten