A Tiny Little Chicken Farm that Makes Great Dog Treats

Jun 11, 2018 | Products

Purple Shamrock Farm began in 2016 as a small poultry farm; its only bragging rights at that time were 4 hens which were moved from a city environment to the country. Since that time, the farm has grown to 41 birds (and counting) and now also makes homemade dog treats made from the spent brewing grains resulting from a mutual partnership with a local brewery, The Seymour Brewing Company, and fresh eggs from the farm’s birds who also eat the grain as a supplemental feed.
We are also trying our hand at growing true Jackson County melons, and growing pumpkins which we hope to work into the treats in future recipes! We are always ready to chat and talk about the farm life and hope to see all of our friends at local farmer’s markets! If you want to know about the manager of the farm and get the inside scoop on what’s happening on the farm, check out the blog “What the Cluck?!?!” on Google Blogger.