3 big places the Indiana Grown logo is poppin’ up

Nov 1, 2017 | News

Popcorn is one of America’s favorite snacks. It can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways and is the perfect finger food for almost any occasion, whether it’s at the movies, a football game or in the comfort of your home. Indiana is a national leader in popcorn production and some of the biggest household names in popcorn are located right here in the Hoosier state, like Just Pop In! and Cousin Willie’s. These national brands continue to grow in popularity and are finding new, unique ways to reach consumers.

For example, Cousin Willie’s was recently named the official popcorn provider for Lucas Oil Stadium, which allows them to sell and showcase their amazing Indiana-grown products in front of 60,000+ home game attendees. This is an amazing opportunity for them to tell their story, of a family owned business that started 70 years ago in Ramsey, Ind., as well as provide consumers with a local option to choose from during the game. However, for fans that don’t know Cousin Willie’s popcorn is grown in Indiana, they decided to incorporate the Indiana Grown logo on their signage, giving consumers confidence of the product’s origin.

But, Lucas Oil isn’t the only place the Indiana Grown logo is poppin’ up in a big way, it can now be found all across Northwest Indiana on nearly a dozen Albanese billboards.

Located in Merrillville, Albanese is known for making some of the best gummies and candies – not just in the nation, but in the world. They use only the highest quality ingredients, putting flavor and texture first, and Albanese has received numerous awards for this, such as the Professional Candy Buyer’s Product of the Year award and the Technology award. Albanese’s 30 year story is filled with tons of sweet success and is a must-see location in Northwest Indiana.

If you ever decide to take a trip to Albanese, or just while driving to and from work, you might come across the Indiana Grown logo somewhere else, like on the back of a Piazza Produce truck.

Piazza Produce is located in Indianapolis and has been a trusted foodservice provider since 1970. While they started with a single truck, the family-owned business now has an entire fleet, equipped with refrigeration and GPS tracking devices, which is important when transporting dry or perishable products. Piazza offers a wide array of produce, locally sourced goods, and specialty items, just to name a few, and remains focused on providing unparalleled customer service. Visit www.piazzaproduce.com to learn more.

Having the Indiana Grown logo pop-up in three big ways is a win-win; it’s not only great for the initiative, but also for the companies that display it, like Cousin Willie’s, Albanese, and Piazza. In addition to these examples, many other members of Indiana Grown are incorporating the logo on their products, packaging or as part of their signage. This provides Hoosier consumers, who have plenty of purchasing options, an opportunity to support their neighbors and keep their dollars closer to home.